Easy to use

Create any number of advertising blocks and use them in any place of your site easily


Ad Blocks can be inserted in any text area by simple shortcode [adblock name="your_adblock_name"]

Auto posting

Automatically add Ad Blocks to all posts of selected types (post, page, or any custom public type). Extra include/exclude rules based on target post taxonomies are available in add-on.


Place Ad Blocks in any widget area of your site


Have a questions? Visit plugin's page on Wordpress.org

Get Ad Blocks on Wordpress.org

Ajax loading and scheduling

With Ad Blocks Management Tools add-on you can switch the WP Ad Blocks plugin into Ajax mode and load advertising content via ajax for better SEO. You can also scheduling your advertising by week days, start/end dates, time spans, excluded dates.

Extras and customization

Need exra features or other plugin? Write us a message.

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