Ad Blocks Management Tools is the management and SEO extension for WordPress Ad Blocks plugin that allows you scheduling publication of advertising blocks and use Ajax loading of advertising blocks on pages for better SEO.

Below is a demo advertising block which loaded via Ajax:


  • Scheduling a block showing with start/end dates, week days and times, excluded dates
  • Load ad content via ajax for better SEO
  • Auto posting with include/exclude rules based on target post taxonomies


Installation steps are the same as for the main plugin.


After installation, you can find new Ajax tab in Ad Blocks Settings menu. These options allow you to activate the ajax mode to load the content of ad blocks and define custom placeholder, which will be shown before the content of the ad block is loaded.


On editing Ad Block you can set now scheduling options in Schedule meta box. These are:

  • start and end date of your advertising campaign
  • excluded date range – you can add any number of sets or leave it empty
  • available time on selected weekdays – define any time spans for each day for weekly scheduling

If some day is not included in all time sets, the ad block will not be shown at that day. Empty time fields mean that ad block will show up all day. And you can also define multiple sets of time for one day, if needed. From the following example in the screenshot, the ad block will be shown on Monday at 08:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00, on Tuseday at 08:00-12:00 and all day for other days:

Auto posting rules

Auto posting feature of main plugin Ad Blocks is extended with this Add-on by include/exclude rules based on target post taxonomies. For every selected post type you can find term list of all registered taxonomies.

For selected terms there are three options available: Include ad block to post if any of terms are assigned to current post/page (OR compare logic), Include ad block only if all selected terms are assigned (AND), Include to current post/page if it does not have any of selected terms (NOT IN).

That rules will be ignored unless the terms are chosen.

For developers

If you use ajax pagination you may need to trigger ad blocks ajax loading each time after call ajax pagination. You can do this easy by adding $( document.body ).trigger('adb_mt_load_adblocks'); to your js script.